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EHF FINAL4 WOMEN 2024 - Parking


The MVM Dome welcomes you and your car with open arms!

We'll make sure that your unforgettable experience is also comfortable, so we'll provide pre-purchase parking for all events in the MVM Dome.

The purchase is very simple, all you have to do is pay for  your ticket via the OTP Simple Pay electronic platform and print it out, or bring it with you on the day of the event on your electronic device.

Access to each car park is shown on the maps below:

To get in, follow the access route on the map on your ticket, as this is the only way to reach the car park of your choice.

The P1A / P1B / P2 / P3 car parks are located a few steps away from the building and you can access the right car park by scanning the QR code on your ticket.

For our guests with limited mobility and wheelchair users, we recommend our car parks P1A and P1B.

⚠️ All parking tickets become valid one hour before the opening of the gates and can be used for one hour after the event and are valid for one entry only. Please do not leave your car in our car park after this time! Please take care of your ticket, do not allow others to access it, do not allow it to be copied, and do not post your ticket picture anywhere (including Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok timeline) ⚠️

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