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Lindsey Stirling


Multi award-winning violinist and dancer Lindsey Stirling has announced the dates of her upcoming European tour, which will begin in October this year.

Lindsey, who has over 27 million followers on digital platforms, will celebrate the release of her new album Duality with this tour. The album will be in stores on June 14 and Lindsey will embark on a 23-stop tour to delight her fans. We're delighted to announce that Lindsey Stirling will be performing at the MVM Dome in Budapest. She will be joined at the show by special guest NYA.

Duality is nothing less than a visionary meditation on inner wisdom, personal power and the constant change of identity. The new songs explore Stirling's stunningly sophisticated musical talent and creativity as we journey from Celtic soundscapes to the world of pop, spiced with the artist's unique style and energy. Stirling is an undisputedly creative songwriter, brilliantly exploiting different sonic environments while also exploring complex questions of intuition and truth. Three singles have been released so far this year: 'Eye of the Untold Her', 'Inner Gold' and 'Evil Twin'.

"The album Duality is about the contradictory parts of our lives. Sometimes we feel at war with ourselves when we see the difference between who we are and who we want to become. These conflicts can seem to tear us apart, but when we face the darker parts of ourselves, we can gain a real understanding of ourselves and others," Lisndey said.

Lindsey's presentations are compelling and inspiring. She masterfully integrates intricate choreography, breathtaking aerial acrobatics and stunning costumes, all of which she designs herself. Music, dance and visual arts are combined to create unique, unforgettable experiences that enchant and inspire audiences.

Feel the magic and join us on 11 October at the MVM Dome!

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